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Revolutionary weight loss research

Our study shows you can sustain weight loss with custom semaglutide dosing & holistic care.

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How we did the study

In our real-world 2024 study, led by Embla researchers, we followed 2,246 individuals in our weight loss program to explore the benefits of personalised semaglutide dosing and lifestyle coaching.
Participants received lower doses of semaglutide while engaging in our holistic, personalised coaching program. The study tracked self-registered data, including body weight and semaglutide doses, with regular follow-ups to monitor progress.
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Key results from the study

Weight loss achieved at week 52 and week 64
16.7% weight loss achieved at week 52.
17% weight loss achieved at week 64.
Weight loss achieved regardless of initial BMI and use of semaglutide.
almost 90% of participants lost more than 10% of body weight


out of


participants lost more than 10% of their body weight at week 64.
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Participants used only between 36.9% and 40.3% of the usually applied dose, but still experienced significant results.
Embla’s latest study results were presented at the European Congress on Obesity (ECO) 2024 in Venice, Italy. The study, led by Dr. Henrik Gudbergsen, Embla’s Chief Medical Officer, highlights our commitment to innovative, personalised weight loss solutions.

Sustained weight loss is possible

Participants who tapered off the medication successfully maintained their weight for at least 6 months. These findings underscore the power of a personalised, holistic approach in achieving and sustaining weight loss with lower doses of semaglutide.

True stories to inspire you


"I’ve never tried a program that has kept me motivated for over 9 months. It no longer feels like a program, it feels like a lifestyle."


Member since February 2022

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-24.7 kg

"I knew there had to be a way where I didn't have to count everything. Today, my joints are happy that I joined Embla."


Member from October 2022 to July 2023

weight loss
-19.6 kg
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“If I got the medication from my GP, I’d just be left to myself. But with Embla I get the support of my mentor and health team who help me make better decisions.”


Member from December 2022 to June 2023

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Explore the full EMBRACE II study

For a more in-depth understanding of our research findings, we invite you to explore the full scientific study.
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What are the main benefits of Embla?
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Embla creates a uniquely supportive environment for your weight loss journey by offering a dedicated expert weight loss team and the assistance of weight loss medication. This approach ensures you're never alone, and small, achievable changes are enough to reach your goals. On top of this, your personal health mentor is available every day to provide health guidance, motivation, or simply lend an ear, supporting you from start to finish.
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What does health coaching involve?
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Everyone is unique, and so is every weight loss journey. For this reason, all health decisions are made with you, not for you. You decide what goals you have, what you want to work on, and how often you want help. Whether you’re battling with emotional eating, find it difficult to motivate yourself to be more active, or feel overwhelmed by food guilt, our health mentors have the necessary expertise to help you overcome your challenges.
Main benefits of holistic weight loss
What’s included in an Embla membership?
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An Embla membership includes two plans: For those with a BMI of 30+, the Embla Team plan offers access to a personal health mentor, nurse, doctor, the Embla app for comprehensive health management, and prescribed weight loss medication. The Embla Mentor plan, for those with a BMI of 27+, provides a personal health mentor and full app access for one-on-one guidance on nutrition, habits, physical activity, sleep, and mental health.

A weight loss journey that doesn’t just promise results, it delivers.

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