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No more confusion, just clarity and confidence on your weight loss journey

Tired of empty promises? Embla delivers scientifically proven results, guiding you towards lasting weight loss without shortcuts or medication reliance.

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Personalised coaching support, minimal medication, optimal results.

Personal health guidance

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    Regular 1:1 sessions with your health coach
  • icon food
    Guides you to healthier habits, mindset, and nutrition
  • icon target
    Helps you address the root cause of obesity and weight gain
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Individualised approach

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    No restrictive diets or calorie counting
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    Personalised advice for lifestyle changes
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    Latest appetite suppressants medication

Holistic health expertise

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    Unlimited access to coach, psychologist, and in-house doctor
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    Expertise in nutrition, exercise, sleep, mental health, and medication
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    Updated methods based on latest research
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The all-in-one Embla app is your key to a successful weight loss journey. Free to download and use, the app provides a range of features to keep you motivated, informed, and connected throughout your programme, even before you subscribe.
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They did it, so can you


“I haven't felt this good, physically or mentally, in 15 years.”

With strong support from my mentor, I have gained a much better understanding of my eating habits, including when and why I snack, and how I can prevent undesirable behaviour. Simply put, I haven't felt this good, physically or mentally, in 15 years.”

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Jeanette, United Kingdom

“I lost 14 kg and learnt a lot from my personal coach.”

Embla is a great and balanced approach to weight loss. I lost 14 kg and learnt a lot from my personal coach, Anna, who was always there for me. I think the company has a really healthy and holistic approach to weight loss as a journey to get healthier and nothing gets bogged down in calorie counting or focus on weight. I felt like my coach was both a nutritionist and my own cheerleader. She was so positive and encouraging even when I was hesitant at first.

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Camilla, United Kingdom

“Absolutely love Embla. The support is second to none.”

I have direct contact with my own nutritionist. And she is so helpful (shoutout to Nicol). She gives tips and tricks and super understanding of set backs.
I’ve lost more than 40 pounds so far, and my attitude towards weight loss has massively improved and become a lot healthier.

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Marijke, United Kingdom

Why Embla is worth it?

Embla’s programmes deliver personalised 1:1 coaching from certified experts, custom medication plans, and holistic care to ensure sustainable and lasting weight loss.

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BMI 27+
£99 /month
Ideal for those who seek 1:1 weight loss guidance
Personally assigned health coach.
1:1 health guidance (nutrition, habits, sleep, mental health).
Access to the Embla app (video calls, chat, resources, community, tracking).
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BMI 30+
Coaching + Medication
£149 first month
£299 /month thereafter
Ideal for those who seek the benefits of weight loss medication combined with personalised 1:1 coaching for long lasting change
Weight loss medication, including prescription and ongoing dose adjustments
Unlimited calls to your personal health coach, psychologist, and in house doctor
1:1 health guidance (nutrition, habits, sleep, mental health)
Access to the Embla app (video calls, chat, resources, community, tracking)
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As seen in

Medical experts, trusted globally

Sydney Australia
Congress for World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA)
Our Chief Medical Officer, PhD. Md. Henrik Gudbergsen presenting our clinical research in Sydney, Australia, October 2023.
15 - 20%
Weight loss on average after 40 weeks

A weight loss journey that doesn’t just promise results, it delivers.

Moves faster
With Embla's coaching + GPL-1 medication, you'll lose weight faster than with other programs.

Works smarter
Psychological and behavioral coaching to build lasting positive lifestyle habits.

Is safer
With unmatched support from doctors, nurses, and a psychologist, your safety and well-being are our top priorities.

Achieve up to 20% weight loss in just 8 months.
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