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Life beyond the medication:
Embla Embrace

Maintaining weight loss can be the most challenging part of the journey. At Embla, we enable and support your new life after achieving your goals.
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Your weight loss maintenance

What happens when I finish my Embla program?

It's natural to ask - "What happens when I no longer need the medication?" The time after reaching your weight loss goal can be difficult, and here, it is all about remembering and using the tools your coach has given you. For those that have undergone a weight loss journey on our program, we offer a simple and low-cost way to access support and remain part of the Embla community.


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Medication + Coaching Program

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Coaching Program
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Embrace Program

The program

What do you get from Embla Embrace?


Online Coaching


Monthly video calls

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Option to return to the full Embla programme if needed


Chat right in your pocket

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Virtual Universe


Track and follow your progress


Recipes and articles in one place


Contact your coach via mobile app


Embla Community


Support & motivate each other


Meet other members


Share your experiences & tips

The program

Why join Embla Embrace?

Henrik Gudbergsen
Doctor, Chief Medical Officer
Research highlights that when a member has reached their weight goal or BMI and has come off their medication, some hard work is still required to keep the weight loss going without medication.

The success of maintaining weight loss increases if the member doesn’t stop the medication and coaching simultaneously, as there could still be some bumps in the road ahead. In this case, having your coach on hand to guide and support you is beneficial. There is no set period of time to stay on Embla Embrace, but we recommend enough time for the member to feel confident in their weight maintenance.
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How does the medical weight loss course work?

Weight maintenance subscription

After achieving your weight loss goals with Embla, we provide an easy, low-cost way for you to continue receiving our support and sustain your weight loss. Maintaining your new healthy habits becomes much easier when you check in with your coach once a month and record your continued progress in the Embla app.

Additionally, Embla Embace membership gives you the safety net of being able to return to our full program, including medication, should you require it.

Embla Embrace Program
Ongoing support for less than £1 per week

Access to your coach


Access to communities


Access to the articles and recipes in the Embla app


Access to all your data in the app

Our process

What will we focus on?

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When you are off your medication, you enter period five, the maintenance period. This stage is often overlooked, but here at Embla, we focus on how to sustain your weight loss. The period after reaching your goal can be challenging, and here it is all about remembering and using the tools your coach has given you.


In the first period without medication, looking back at what helped you with satiety, increased energy, and better sleep can be good. It is not only the medication that can be attributed to this success but your habit changes and the nutritional choices you have made in your course. Your coach, tools, and community will support you in maintaining your weight.
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Physical activity is an essential factor in sustained weight loss. Plan and prioritise your activity, whether walking, running, bike rides or team training. Everything counts. And who has ever regretted a workout? The body and brain always feel better after some physical activity.

Frequently asked questions


How long should I stay on Embla Embrace?

At least six months, but hopefully longer. Study shows that maintaining a weight loss is the most challenging part. We are ready to "catch you" if you need support or guidance, so we recommend that you stay on Embla Embrace for as long as you need our helping hand.

What side effects are there from stopping medication?

You will notice your hunger a little more. Stepping off the medication will change how you feel satiety - it feels slightly different.

What happens if I need coaching again?

Returning to the coaching program if needed for a discounted price (20% off) is always possible. It is your safety net; you'll determine this with your coach to confirm it's the right approach.

When can I expect to join Embla Embrace?

When you are no longer taking weight loss medication. When you have reached your goal, feel satisfied with your weight loss, and are off the medication, you can move on to Embla Embrace. Just inform your coach, and they will handle everything!

Do you have more questions?

You are welcome to send a message in the chat to ask us anything you are unsure about.
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