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Invest in yourself with Embla. Join over 14,000 others who've made the right choice to invest in their health and well-being.

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Not a diet, not just another program.
Embla is lasting change.

Traditional medical weight loss programs
  • Focus only on prescribing medication
  • No personal coach
  • Limited accessibility
  • No tapering off plan
  • Standard doses
  • Dosage price increases
The Embla Approach
  • Medication used to support lifestyle changes
  • Dedicated health coach, psychologist, and in-house doctor
  • Support available 365 days a year
  • Integrated plan for tapering off
  • Start with a low dose for reduced side effects
  • Fixed prices regardless of dosage

Discover the joy of a healthier you

All Embla memberships comes with zero strings attached, fixed price regardless of the dosage, no hidden fees and the option to cancel at anytime

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BMI 27+
£99 /month
Ideal for those who seek 1:1 weight loss guidance
Personally assigned health coach.
1:1 health guidance (nutrition, habits, sleep, mental health).
Access to the Embla app (video calls, chat, resources, community, tracking).

Why choose Embla?

Leading results

Our clinical studies show that Embla members use 60% less medication and achieve an average weight loss of 15.3% over 40 weeks.

Second-to-none support

With 365-day availability and unlimited access to your coach, psychologist, and in-house doctor, only Embla offers the highest level of commitment to support you

You’re in control

We're here to empower you. You're in control of every health decision, choosing your goals, what to focus on, and how often you need our support.

Up to 15-20% reduction in body weight by month 8

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