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We exist to help, not just prescribe

Unlike medicine-focused pharmacies, Embla is a digital weight loss clinic dedicated to helping you live a healthier life, today and tomorrow.

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"We founded Embla to show the world that there's a healthier and more sustainable way to lose weight."

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Dr. Nicholas Syhler
Co-Founder & Co-CEO @ Embla

A medical doctor with a background in cardiology, saw the severe effects of long-term obesity early in his career. Motivated to drive change, he created Denmark's national clinical support system and contributed to diabetes treatments at Novo Nordisk, sparking his desire to create a healthier future.

laust embla
Laust Axelsen
Co-Founder & Co-CEO @ Embla

With an science background and a track-record of building medical & patient software solutions used by millions, Laust experienced first-hand how digital care solutions can make a significant difference in clinical outcomes. This led to his passion for empowering people to take better care of themselves.

Together, their shared enthusiasm drives Embla's mission for preventive care.

Born in Denmark in 2022, Embla was founded by Nicholas and Laust out of their desire to reshape how the world thinks about weight loss.

Embla founders

Medical experts,
trusted globally

Sydney Australia
Congress for World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA)
Our Chief Medical Officer, PhD. Md. Henrik Gudbergsen presenting our clinical research in Sydney, Australia, October 2023.

Results you want to stay for

Using medication without lifestyle changes results in an 8.7% weight loss after 1 year.* The Embla approach, proven through several clinical studies, offers better, long-term results.

The key? Consistent participation.


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10% of our members lose more than 25% of their body weight.

15 - 20%

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weight loss

An average Embla member loses 15 - 20% of their body weight.

*Based on data from clinical studies: PhD Dr. Gudbergsen et al., 2023 EMBRACE II, Denmark.
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Lose weight with a professional health team behind you

Our team is a blend of top health coaches, nurses, medical professionals, and nutrition experts. United by our love for food and life, we believe in balanced and proactive living. Our mission is to empower everyone to embrace a life filled with health and happiness.
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A weight loss journey that doesn’t just promise results, it delivers.

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