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Designed to make your weight loss journey as motivating, personal, and convenient as possible, our comprehensive app gives you the tools you need to reach your goals.
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What our members say.

"There’s plenty of help to get from the app in the form of recipes, exercise routines, and educational videos. I also found the articles on physical and mental health very useful."

Helene, Denmark

"I really like the app because it gave me a way to keep track of my diet, sleep, hydration, and exercise, since I noted these down every day. This created an opportunity for me to be more aware of what I ate and drank, and the many options to incorporate exercise into my daily life."

Tina, Denmark

"The app helps me keep track and monitor my lifestyle in a way that's easy to manage."

Anikka, Denmark

"Super nice app. It’s SO motivating. Also very easy and straightforward to use.”

Mia, Denmark
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