The Embla app is your access to lasting weight loss

Unlimited access to your entire online healthcare team. Keep a log and see your progress directly in the app. Find delicious recipes and a knowledge library tailored to support you every step of the way in your program. Meet other members and share experiences and support when you need it.

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Our app is free to download and allows you to keep a log of your progress and read selected articles from our knowledge library at no charge. As a paying member, the unlocked app gives you additional functionality and access to much more helpful content. You will have access to the Embla community, where you can meet other members, share experiences, and receive support.
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Our mobile app for iOS and Android

We are there for you whenever you need us

With Embla, you get a 100% online program and always have access to your dedicated coach and the entire healthcare team in your pocket. As a member, you will have access to smart data about your progress and access to our knowledge library tailored to where you are in the program.

  • Your health team is always in your pocket. You can contact us via chat and video directly in the app
  • Access to the Embla community where you can seek advice and support from other members who are on the same journey
  • Access to our knowledge library tailored to where you are in the program
  • The app is perfect for tracking your progress and providing support and information throughout your program
Why should I use an app?

The Embla app makes your journey easy and convenient

Book video appointments when it suits you
Our weight loss program includes unlimited video and chat appointments with your treatment team, meaning that as a member, you can meet virtually with us through our Embla app as often as you need. We recommend that you book an appointment at least every 2-3 weeks and talk to your coach via our chat in the app a few times each week. We encourage you to share both the good and the not so good days - we cheer and follow our members throughout everything.
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Take your coach, nurse, and doctor with you in your pocket
When you book appointments through our app, they are also held directly in the app. In our weight loss program, your treatment team will track the activities you enter and help you maintain a healthy and sustainable weight loss in consultation with you. Simply put, we have gathered everything in one place.
Track your progress
Keep a log of your meals, exercise, and sleep, and monitor your progress. Embla's app makes it easy to follow your weight loss and keep track of your goals.
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Online universe with recipes and delicious snacks
It can be challenging to find recipes that fit a weight loss program. We have compiled many recipes we actively use with our members, so you always have good ideas for what to eat. There are family-friendly dishes, dishes for those who are vegetarian, and much more. With good inspiration, good ideas, and effective methods, the app makes your weight loss journey easy as pie.
Find inspiration and advice in our knowledge library
In Embla's knowledge library, you will find articles, guides and advice tailored to where you are on your weight loss journey. Our coaches select some essential pieces for you, tailored specifically to your weight loss program. An important step to healthy weight loss is understanding the body and the mechanisms that work during weight loss.
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