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Support your weight loss journey with groundbreaking medication

Discover the power of weight loss medication such as Wegovy and Mounjaro to support your weight loss and lifestyle changes.

Boost your weight loss with a powerful combination

At Embla, medication is a tool to support your weight loss efforts.
Our experts guide you towards healthy habits while you're on medication. This way, you can keep the weight off for good, even after you reach your goals and no longer need medication
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Reliable results without struggle or food noise

20% average weight loss in just 12 months.

By integrating medication as part of our holistic, lifestyle-focused program, our members see better, faster results while thriving in their day-to-day.

We offer Wegovy or Mounjaro based on your individual needs, at lowest effective doses, and always with the clear aim of a healthy transition off medication once you’ve reached your goals.
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Mounjaro and Wegovy:
Innovative tools for weight loss support

Mounjaro and Wegovy are both new, groundbreaking weight loss solutions, offering renewed hope for those struggling to overcome overweight. Learn more about them below.

Active ingredient is Tirzepatide

Imitates gut hormones, GLP-1 and GIP

Slows digestion, boosts insulin, and makes you feel full faster


Active ingredient is Semaglutide

Imitates the natural gut hormone GLP-1

Slows stomach emptying, makes you feel full faster


Active ingredient



Lowers hunger by imitating gut hormones GLP-1 and GIP
Lowers hunger by imitating gut hormone GLP-1
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Average weight loss after 12 months

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Both medications supports weight loss by lowering appetite, but the extra insulin-boosting action of Mounjaro makes it more effective than Wegovy
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How to use

Both medications require a weekly injection

Embrace a new, holistic approach to weight loss

Get started with Embla. Experience a weight loss program, where you’re never alone, expert help is available in minutes, and medication makes lifestyle changes easier.

True stories to inspire you


"I’ve never tried a program that has kept me motivated for over 9 months. It no longer feels like a program, it feels like a lifestyle."


Member since February 2022

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-24.7 kg

"I knew there had to be a way where I didn't have to count everything. Today, my joints are happy that I joined Embla."


Member from October 2022 to July 2023

weight loss
-19.6 kg
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“If I got the medication from my GP, I’d just be left to myself. But with Embla I get the support of my mentor and health team who help me make better decisions.”


Member from December 2022 to June 2023

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