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Alina Morozova

Alina Morozova
Registered nurse
Alina Morozova

Alina, our Registered Nurse and Nutritionist, blends her NHS and private sector experience with a Master’s in Human Nutrition from the University of Surrey. Committed to preventative medicine, she offers valuable nutritional advice to our members.

Alina is a Registered Nurse with clinical experience in NHS and private sector. She started her education with Medicine study program as a Doctor’s Assistant, followed by Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. During her nursing career Alina has witnessed wide range of clinical conditions linked with the patients’ nutrition, which raised her interest in preventative medicine. Alina completed MSc Degree in Human Nutrition at University of Surrey and she is a Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr) with a mission to help improve public’s health and well-being.

Outside of work, Alina always finds time for a good long hike or yoga session. When at home, kitchen is her favourite place, where she is continuously experimenting with the new recipes or unusual food combinations. To treat her mind and soul, Alina enjoys painting and drawing or reading a good engaging book.

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