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Embla members achieve up to +25% weight loss, with an average of 15 - 20%.


Over 10,000 people have chosen Embla as their partner for healthy, sustainable weight loss.


Denmark's largest and best-rated weight loss clinic, now available in the UK.


Average weight loss for our members who stay with us for eight months.

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Stories from Embla members
Member Birgit profile picture
Member since January 2022
"I was actually surprised at how easy it was! My feeling of hunger was less already from the first day, there were no cravings, and the pounds came off quickly.
I could clearly feel that I had more energy and slept better. When the new habits become a regular part of everyday life, it quickly has a positive effect on energy and sleep. Maybe my pants also fit a bit less tight. I have continued with the good pace and have now been going for almost 14 weeks - and I have lost 18.5 kg! Both my mood and energy are still at the top!"
Member Jens profile picture
Member since January 2022
"Started at 152kg and have lost about 30kg.
I started Embla's online weight loss treatment in January 2022 with the goal of losing weight so that my pants fit better in the right places. I have followed recommendations for medicine, diet, and exercise while fitting it all into the life I live and want to live in the future. I now enjoy cycling, going for walks with audiobooks, rediscovered my yes attitude, and feel a sense of joy for life."
Member Gitte profile picture
Member since April 2022
"I found Embla online and decided to try it out, and I haven't regretted it. I found peace of mind and got rid of the guilty conscience.
I've been at home for a number of years, but now I am ready to return to the workforce again. I've been overweight for many years, and it's been a problem, particularly because I have arthritis in my feet. I've now incorporated new habits and I believe I can achieve my goal!"
Member Jesper profile picture
Member since January 2022
"When I heard about Embla and their approach to weight loss, I was strongly motivated to try and lose the last few pounds. Especially the regular conversations with a coach are great.
I've previously gone through a major weight loss on my own. I did that by exercising a lot and also starving myself. I became grumpy, quickly ran out of energy and experienced dizziness. Combined with a constant hunger. I've been given a customised diet plan, learned what the body needs and at the same time eat normally without feeling guilty - Embla works for me."
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Our members lose an average of 1 kg per week

We are a medical clinic. Implementing a lifestyle change that leads to healthy and sustainable weight loss is hard. We give our members the best tools to undergo that change. Every kg that is permanently lost is a victory.
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We love our members, and they are happy with us!

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Our members trust us when they choose Embla to help them on their weight loss journey. We aim to live up to their expectations of a complete, sustainable weight loss program that delivers results.
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All Embla memberships comes with zero strings attached, fixed price regardless of the dosage, no hidden fees and the option to cancel at anytime

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£99 /month
Ideal for those who seek 1:1 weight loss guidance
Personally assigned health coach.
1:1 health guidance (nutrition, habits, sleep, mental health).
Access to the Embla app (video calls, chat, resources, community, tracking).

A weight loss journey that doesn’t just promise results, it delivers.

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