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Unlimited access to your personal coach

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Embla's 360° approach to your weight loss

Neither exercise, diet, nor medication can stand alone when you set out to start the journey towards lasting weight loss. In your course at Embla, we embrace all the parameters that affect your weight and well-being. You must take care of your mental and physical health to reach your goals. That's why our coaches meet you exactly where you are in your life so that we can succeed together.

Diet & Nutrition
Exercise & Activity
Sleep & Habits
Emotional wellbeing
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We make weight loss realistic and affordable

Our members find it easy and clear to change habits with the simple methods we work with at Embla. We adjust your diet and exercise to your needs. It makes succeeding in your lifestyle change realistic and affordable.

Embla's professional and well-trained staff take good care of every member. They all have a health science background to draw on. Our coaching is individual and personal, and we take time to match you with the coach who will best support you throughout your program.


It's important to have someone alongside you who can cheer you on and keep your spirits up when the going gets tough. Equally important is that you have someone to celebrate your victories with.

With Embla, you become part of a community with other members. Via our app, you can share your experiences, get inspiration and find support from other people as you take your weight loss journey together.

The help and support you can expect

Your healthcare team

As a member at Embla, you get a permanent treatment team consisting of a doctor, a nurse and a coach. Good relationships are important to achieve a common goal - we take pride in the excellent close bonds we form with our members.


  • Educates you in the Embla program
  • Gives you the mental tools to reach your goals
  • Keeps your motivation up
  • Prescribes your weight-loss medicine
  • Adjusts the dose continuously
  • Ready to help if you experience any side effects
  • Getting to know you and your challenges
  • Tracks your progress
  • Follows you through the entire process
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Discover the joy of a healthier you

All Embla memberships comes with zero strings attached, fixed price regardless of the dosage, no hidden fees and the option to cancel at anytime

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BMI 27+
£99 /month
Ideal for those who seek 1:1 weight loss guidance
Personally assigned health coach.
1:1 health guidance (nutrition, habits, sleep, mental health).
Access to the Embla app (video calls, chat, resources, community, tracking).

A weight loss journey that doesn’t just promise results, it delivers.

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