With us, you get lasting weight loss - without hunger

Easy and straightforward, Embla is tailored to your everyday life. Medications to control your appetite help you on your weight loss journey. Help and support are available from your entire healthcare team whenever needed.
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Your virtual medical weight loss clinic

What do you get as a member?

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Access to all the coaching and support you need to succeed.


Prescription medicine that reduces your appetite

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Full access to the Embla app

Embla is Denmark's largest medical weight loss clinic and is now available here in the UK. We offer you medication, coaching and digital tools for lasting results. You can book consultations, read recipes and articles, and more via our app. Our service is the complete medical weight loss course.
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The process

How does Embla work?

Our weight loss program has no fixed commitment term or joining fees.

Step 1

Sign up to one of our programs
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Step 2

Download the free mobile app
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Step 3

Medication will be delivered to your door

Step 4

Start your 360° weight loss program
How does the medical weight loss course work?

The program

We divide our program into five stages. Each stage provides you with a series of tools that move you closer to the goal; long-term weight loss. The program starts with medication and dietary changes - then we focus on sleep, mindful eating and exercise. For the best outcomes based on the experiences of our members, a course typically takes between 8-24 months.
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Team Embla with you all the way

Your healthcare team

You are assigned a permanent treatment team when you are a member of Embla. This team consists of a doctor, a nurse and a coach. Good relationships are essential to achieving your weight loss goal, and we pride ourselves on the strong bonds our coaches form with our members.

  • Educates you in the Embla program
  • Gives you the mental tools to reach your goals
  • Keeps your motivation up
  • Prescribes your weight-loss medicine
  • Adjusts the dose continuously
  • Ready to help if you experience any side effects
  • Getting to know you and your challenges
  • Tracks your progress
  • Follows you through the entire process

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Two simple options

What does the Embla weight loss program cost?

BMI 30+
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Medical Weight Loss Program

per month (includes all medication)
The complete medical weight loss package, including help from doctors, nurses, and coaches alongside your prescribed medication.
BMI 27+
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Medicine-free Weight Loss Program

per month
A supported weight loss program without medication. (Also available if you already use weight loss medication via another prescriber.)
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