Experts in medical weight loss

We are the UK team of Denmark’s leading weight loss management provider and offer a traditional Danish medical clinic in a modern, digital package. We are exclusively virtual, and our staff offer the highest quality service. Embla combines medicine, coaching, and digital tools to help you achieve your weight loss goals.
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About us

Our mission is clear

Advances in weight loss are being driven by a new generation of medicines combined with the interaction between technology, psychology and biology. Our mission is to help our members make sustainable lifestyle changes and live healthy lives. Our approach is threefold; medicine, evidence-based lifestyle coaching and digital tools. Meet some of the people behind Embla here on the website.

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The modern approach to weight loss

Science has come a long way in helping us to understand why 63% of British adults are overweight, uncovering far more complexity than previously thought. At Embla, our doctors, nurses, and coaches are experts in weight loss, underpinned by years of experience and education. What makes Embla unique is the combination of medicine, evidence-based lifestyle coaching, and digital tools that will give you the best results.

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We are Denmark's largest medical weight loss clinic that offers you medication, coaching, and digital tools for a lasting result. Now available here in the UK.
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Meet some of the people behind Embla

We are with you every step of the way

Community Lead

Sam Allen

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Sam is a seasoned Community expert with a passion for driving exceptional member experience and expanding business growth. With a wealth of experience in launching international members' clubs, workspaces, fitness clubs, and creative agencies in London and Europe, Sam has delivered many successful projects and driven business growth expansion for multiple organisations.

When not working, Sam enjoys hiking and spending time outdoors. Sam is also a proud pet parent to a French Bulldog named Bo, and together they enjoy exploring new trails and scenic destinations. Whether it's in the workplace or out in nature, Sam is always pushing for excellence and growth.

Health Coach

Nicol Ingram

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Nicol is a Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr) with a bachelor’s in Nutrition and Public Health. She is committed to the benefits of a scientific approach to nutrition and has used her knowledge to support communities and individuals to make sustainable lifestyle changes. Nicol specializes in sleep (she loves sleep) and has a keen interest in how it affects our health and lifestyle behaviours. In her own time, Nicol loves to go on long hikes, climb and walk her golden retriever.

Health Coach

Steph Gregory

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Steph is a Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr) with a bachelor's in Nutrition, Diet, and Lifestyle from Sheffield Hallam University. She has experience in weight management and nutrition education in both community and digital settings, supporting individuals to make nutrition and lifestyle changes that are sustainable for the long-term and achieve their goals for good. Steph also has specialist areas in menopause and PCOS nutritional support. In her own time, Steph loves baking and hiking in the Peak District with her husband. She's British, and helps our English speaking members.

Medical team

Medical Doctor

Azeem Yussouf

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Azeem is a Medical Doctor, with a Medical Degree and Bachelor of Science in Haematology from Imperial College London. He qualified and worked as a GP in London before completing a diploma in Lifestyle Medicine with the British Society of Lifestyle Medics. He has had experience implementing lifestyle medicine in Primary Care within the NHS before joining Embla.

He has a passion for health and weight loss and enjoys helping people learn the skills needed to lead a healthier life. He lives in London with his wife and daughter, and in his spare time enjoys running, playing tennis and recently started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Medical Doctor

Oliver Large

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Oliver is UK Medical Director at Embla. Prior to joining, Oliver had already built up nearly a decade of experience in digital health leadership, including time as UK medical director at one of Europe’s largest digital health firms.

Alongside his digital health work, Oliver works as an NHS and private GP. He was a GP partner in Buckinghamshire until 2021. Outside of work, Oliver enjoys running, mountain biking, and skiing - if he can get away. He is married with 2 primary school-aged sons, which makes escapes to the Alps more challenging to arrange these days!

Registered Nurse

Alina Morozova

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Alina is a Registered Nurse with clinical experience in NHS and private sector. She started her education with Medicine study program as a Doctor’s Assistant, followed by Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. During her nursing career Alina has witnessed wide range of clinical conditions linked with the patients’ nutrition, which raised her interest in preventative medicine. Alina completed MSc Degree in Human Nutrition at University of Surrey and she is a Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr) with a mission to help improve public’s health and well-being.

Outside of work, Alina always finds time for a good long hike or yoga session. When at home, kitchen is her favourite place, where she is continuously experimenting with the new recipes or unusual food combinations. To treat her mind and soul, Alina enjoys painting and drawing or reading a good engaging book.

The Founders

Founder, Co-CEO | Product & technology manager

Laust Wilster Axelsen

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With a background from the IT university, Laust has worked with software within the healthcare sector for the past 10 years and has, among other things, has been the architect behind a Norwegian medicine module, several record systems, mobile patient apps and has provided health services to millions of patients and more than 25,000 healthcare professionals. For 7+ years, Laust has been the top manager of a large IT group and has solid experience in management, setting goals and work structured towards them. At Embla, Laust is responsible for the underlying systems and products. Privately, he is a father of three and lives with his wife in Virum.

Founder, Co-CEO | Doctor and business manager

Nicholas Syhler

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Nicholas is a medical doctor at the University of Copenhagen, sits on the technology advisory board at, and has spent his career on how to improve medical treatment, including GLP-1 receptor agonists with digital solutions. Nicholas previously worked at Novo Nordisk. At Embla, he has overall responsibility for our medical treatment. In addition to Nicholas' medical practice, he is also a mentor at Copenhagen Business School. Privately, Nicholas has two children with his wife and lives in scenic surroundings where he enjoys a good run.

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Two simple options

What does the Embla weight loss program cost?

BMI 30+
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Medical Weight Loss Program

per month (includes all medication)
The complete medical weight loss package, including help from doctors, nurses, and coaches alongside your prescribed medication.
BMI 27+
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Medicine-free Weight Loss Program

per month
A supported weight loss program without medication. (Also available if you already use weight loss medication via another prescriber.)
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