Reduce your appetite with weight loss medication and lose weight.
Without hunger.

Research shows that coaching in combination with weight loss medication is twice as effective as other methods when you want to achieve lasting weight loss. That is why, as a member of Embla, you can have approved medication prescribed to support your journey towards a lighter body.

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Medication update: Wegovy now available in the UK

As of Monday, 4th September 2023, Novo Nordisk has made weight loss medication, Wegovy, available in the UK. Whilst production is scaled up, there is a “limited supply”, so demand is expected to be very high amongst private patients.

We are pleased to be able to offer Wegovy to Embla members and have now re-opened our screening booking system and invite you to secure a consultation with our medical team.

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At Embla, we understand the importance of combining weight loss medication with health coaching. We only use approved medicines on prescription to help on the journey. For those who stay with us for 12 months or more, we see an average weight loss of 20%. We are proud of that!
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How does GLP-1a work?

The group of GLP-1 analogues (GLP-1a) mimics the effect of the natural gut hormone GLP-1. When you add GLP-1a to the body, the feeling of satiety increases, and you will therefore need to eat less. The medicine works on your underlying metabolism and is, therefore, an effective tool in combination with healthy lifestyle changes for long-term weight loss.

Medical treatment for obesity is not a new thing. Obesity has been treated with medication for many years, but the latest generations of medication have significantly fewer side effects and increased effectiveness. The most common side effects of the treatment are nausea, diarrhoea and constipation. The medicine does not provide sustained weight loss on its own. To get the most out of a course, you must consider it a "booster" to get off to a good start with the lifestyle change that is compatible with the weight you want.

Medical weight loss

How does the medication at Embla work?

At Embla, we combine coaching, medicine and digital tools so that you achieve lasting weight loss.

Approved and thoroughly tested

At Embla, we use GLP-1a medication as part of the course for many of our members. The medicine regulates your appetite and makes you feel full between meals - just like the hormones already in your intestinal system.

Prescribed by our doctors

During your first free health consultation at Embla, we ensure that you meet the requirements to be able to be prescribed medication and that it is the right choice for you and your weight loss process. One of our doctors writes a prescription, and your medication will be sent directly to your home from our pharmacy partner. At Embla, we only prescribe medication approved by MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) and NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence).

Medication & lifestyle changes

We help you find the correct dose and follow you closely to ensure you get the most out of your membership with us. We only offer medical weight loss in combination with coaching, which focuses on diet, exercise, sleep and physical activity.

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The medication

How is the medication taken?

You take the medication by injecting yourself in the abdomen, thigh or shoulder with a small needle. The needle is so tiny and thin that most people don't feel it.

Measure your dose by turning the dose selector.
The dose counter shows how large a dose you have measured.
Place the small, fine needle against the skin on the abdomen, upper arm or thigh.
Press the dose button with your thumb and hold it until the counter shows 0.
Wait 6 seconds before lifting the pen from your skin.
You are always welcome to ask us anything you are unsure about

Frequently asked questions

We have collected some of the questions we often get. If you have other questions or are interested in hearing more about medical weight loss, send us a message in the chat or email

Why treat severe obesity with medication?

It's difficult to lose weight and maintain weight loss. Eating less and running more is not enough - your biology is working against you. Appetite-regulating medication helps you combat the feelings of hunger experienced when trying to lose weight. The latest GLP-1a medications, combined with lifestyle changes, are an effective way to achieve lasting weight loss. Therefore, medication may be part of the solution for those who have difficulty losing weight.

Who can be prescribed the medication?

You can be prescribed medication for weight loss if you have a BMI over 30. The medication should always be used as part of a program that includes a healthy diet and exercise. As a member of Embla, your coach will teach you how to eat and exercise and give you the mental tools to reach your goal.

Is the medication safe?

The GLP-1a medications we prescribe to our members at Embla are all approved by the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency). GLP-1a medications have been used safely for treating diabetes in the UK since 2007. During this time, it was also discovered that the treatment resulted in weight loss. Researchers have since conducted studies on whether the medication can treat severe obesity. Today, several GLP-1a medications are approved for use in weight loss programs.

Will I get my medication from Embla?

Yes, you will. At Embla, our doctors will prescribe one of the medications we use in our program. The medication will then be delivered directly to you via our pharmacy partner

What are the most common side effects?

You may experience mild side effects such as nausea, constipation, and diarrhoea. Typically, you will only experience these side effects for a short period, which can often be relieved by adjusting your medication dosage. The diet your coach guides you to eat will also minimise the side effects. The vast majority of our members experience only a few or no side effects at all.

Can I get this program on the NHS?

Currently, our program is only available to private patients via an Embla member subscription.

How do GLP-1a medications work?

GLP-1a medications mimic the body's own satiety hormone called GLP-1. When you eat, GLP-1 is released in your intestine and sends a message to your brain that you are full. GLP-1a medications have the same effect: they lower your appetite and make you feel full faster. In this way, the medication helps you achieve and maintain weight loss.

How do I take the medication?

You take the medication by administering it to yourself via injection into the stomach, upper arm, or thigh. You will use a pen-like device with a small fine needle. It does not hurt - most people do not even feel the injection. On the pen, you measure your dose, then place the pen against the spot on your body where you want to administer the medicine, press the button on the pen, and wait six seconds before removing the needle to ensure that the medication has been correctly administered.

Two simple options

What does the Embla weight loss program cost?

BMI 30+
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Medical Weight Loss Program

per month (includes all medication)
The complete medical weight loss package, including help from doctors, nurses, and coaches alongside your prescribed medication.
BMI 27+
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Medicine-free Weight Loss Program

per month
A supported weight loss program without medication. (Also available if you already use weight loss medication via another prescriber.)
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