Embla Share

With Embla Share, we give our members the opportunity to save money on their monthly subscriptions. And it's super easy! By sharing the good news about the Embla weight loss program, you, as a member, can get a discount on your subscription, and at the same time, you can pass on a discount to your friends and family.

10% off your subscription forever
25% discount in the first month for the person who uses your referral code
Get up to 50% total discount on your subscription
Your code can be used up to 5 times
Share your unique code


off your subscription forever for every new member you refer to Embla via Share


in the first month, when you start your course as a new member through Share

How does it work?

It's that easy

Share your code

You automatically get an Embla Share code in the app when you have an active membership with Embla. You can share this code with your friends and family.

Get your discount

When your unique code is used by a new member when starting their Embla membership, it automatically gives you a 10% discount on your monthly subscription.
The best part is that this discount applies to the rest of your Embla course.

Get Embla half price

An Embla Share code can be used up to 5 times. Each time the code is used, it gives an extra 10% off, so our members can get up to 50% off their monthly subscription.

A Benefit for All

It is not only our existing members who can benefit from Embla Share. Using a unique Embla Share code is also advantageous for new members. When you register as a new member with a Share code, you will receive a one-off discount of 25% for the first month of your program. 

And remember, once you have started your Embla membership, you will get your own unique Embla Share code. Then, you can invite others and get your Embla membership at a lower cost each month, up to half price!