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Frequently asked questions

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We are always happy to answer your questions and be as helpful as we can. If you wish to register for a free consultation, you can do so via our registration page.
We get lots of inquiries and therefore can share some of the most frequently asked questions here.
Can I be prescribed medication and opt out of coaching?
No. With a membership at Embla, you get a combined package, as the medication cannot stand alone. We work for long-term and sustainable weight loss, and the medication is just part of a more comprehensive and supportive program that delivers successful results.
Is there an age limit?
Yes. We only treat people in the age group 18 - 70 years.
Can everyone become a member at Embla?
Everyone is welcome to download our free app, but you must undergo a screening to become a member. We only offer programs with medical weight loss to people who can safely be prescribed the medication, have a BMI over 30 and meet several other criteria.
I live far away. Can I be a member?
Yes. Our weight loss course is 100% virtual, so we meet via video, phone and chat. Embla is available to you wherever you live.
What does it cost?
See our pricing page for the cost of our weight loss programs.
Does Embla make money from the medication?
No. Our business model is based on providing our weight loss program, and we do not make money from prescribing the medicine, subsidies from the NHS or similar. We employ our own doctors, nurses and coaches.
Can I be referred to Embla by my doctor?
Embla is not available under the National Health Service and is a private weight loss clinic so your GP cannot directly refer you, but you can book with us directly for a free consultation.

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You are welcome to send a message in the chat to ask us anything you are unsure about.
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