BMI calculator

Measure your BMI (Body Mass Index). Enter your weight and height in the calculator and immediately see your BMI. You can also read about BMI and watch the video where our doctor, Azeem, answers the most frequently asked questions.

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How is BMI classified?
The following is an overview of how to categorise BMI values.
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BMI value
BMI class
Under 18.5
18.5 - 24.9
Normal weight
25.0 - 29.9
30.0 - 34.9
Obese (potential candidate for medical weight loss)
35.0 - 39.9
Severe obesity (potential candidate for medical weight loss)
40 +
Extreme obesity (potential candidate for medical weight loss)

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What is BMI?

Watch the video with our doctor, Azeem, who explains a little about BMI.

Our most frequently asked questions about BMI

What you need to know about BMI

We have collected some of the most frequently asked questions about body mass index, how BMI is calculated and what you should be aware of.
How to calculate BMI?
What is BMI?
What does BMI stand for?
What should my BMI be?
When are you underweight?
When are you normal weight?
When are you overweight?
When are you severely overweight?
What is my ideal weight?
Is there a difference in BMI for women and men?
Are BMI and body fat percentage the same?
Risks of high BMI and severe obesity

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